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At Endeavour MAT it is our firm belief that a motivated, supported and empowered school staff is at the heart of our students’ achievements. We are proud of our staff development programme and offer our staff opportunities for development and career progression across our Trust schools.  Additionally, Endeavour MAT works with external providers to facilitate accredited and meaningful training and workplace experience for the next generation of exceptional teachers, support staff and leaders.

A3Charlotte Scott, Head Teacher, Wilmington Primary School

Wilmington Primary School joined Endeavour MAT in 2022.  As the first primary school to join the Trust, Charlotte was instrumental in developing a successful and mutually beneficial relationship with the secondary schools.  Our shared vision for a considered and progressive ‘all-phase’ Trust is key so that all young people can be supported to lead successful lives.  

What were the key advantages to joining Endeavour MAT?

I value collaborative working and a key consideration is how we work together to prepare our Year 6 pupils for their secondary transition.  We've already achieved so much with our secondary colleagues to ensure a cohesive transition.

Our shared ambition was critical, our staff are committed to developing teaching and the curriculum to be the best it can be. This shared, equal and open dialogue has been refreshing as we improve further.

As part of Endeavour MAT's Trust senior team, I am involved in wider decision making. Regular cross-site department meetings allow for an exchange of ideas, add cohesion to business practice and build on our Trust culture of shared experience and ambition for our pupils and each other.  It’s invigorating to be working with passionate practitioners, all specialists within their field to expand your thinking.

One benefit is the balance of accountability and protection that I have. I am asked in-depth and exacting questions that have challenged me to think in a different way with primary as an integral part of our students’ educational career rather than a ‘separate phase’.   Although we are a small primary school our voice has importance and I feel fully included. Having access to a great Central Services team is a huge advantage when dealing with Premises, HR, IT, Data and Finance. It means I am confident these services are being dealt with effectively and promptly and it allows me to concentrate on the teaching and learning!

What was the process of joining Endeavour MAT like?

Actually, it was a lot like dating!  All parties spent time getting to know and understand one another, making sure we were compatible and that we had the same core values and vision.  Then we moved to the ‘nuts and bolts’ to make formal our intentions and map our priorities before agreeing a timeline for joining.  This allowed us to build a strong working relationship with the Central Team and develop a sound framework that was in the best interests of all our stakeholders (pupils, governors, parents/carers and staff), including consultation with the community with dialogue throughout.

Six months in we have already achieved so much, including a hugely beneficial Pupil Transition Programme where pupils experience school life and lessons in our secondary schools providing reassurance and preparation ahead of their move to whichever school they progress to.  Our ambition is to grow the primary arm of our Trust, building on existing strengths and forming bonds with local schools would make us stronger. 


What's the future for Primary in Endeavour MAT?

A key part of our strategy is to grow our primary cluster with local schools and to develop our exceptional Pupil Transitional Programme.  Students at the secondary schools work with the primary school children to make sure they feel equipped and excited about their future learning, our children are getting so much out of the project. The literacy element has informed how we teach our Year 6 children and how the secondary schools respond and develop that learning in Year 7.  On a practical level, offering our Year 6 hands-on design and technology lessons taught by our secondary colleagues has been empowering, and the children have absolutely loved it!

Our pupils visit the library at one of our secondary schools for library lessons, and our Forest School takes place in the grounds of our secondary school.  These activities form an integral part of our transition programme.

I’d be really keen to share our programme with other local primary schools and our secondary schools would be delighted to include them.

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AMeet Matilda Spencer, who teaches Business Studies at Wilmington Grammar School for Boys having completed her training with us in conjunction with KMT.  Matilda shares her motivation for becoming a teacher, her training journey here at Endeavour MAT and her aspirations and hopes for the future.

What made you make the move into teaching?

Prior to my teacher training, I was a Behaviour Support Worker in an inclusion unit in Croydon, South London.  I worked with students to support their classroom learning, to help them prepare themselves for, and engage in, education – and I absolutely loved it.  The role was challenging, rewarding and ultimately convinced me that I wanted to pursue a career in education.  On one occasion I had accompanied a group of our most vulnerable students on an overnight trip to a farm.  That night I read to a group of lads before bed and one of them remarked “I’ve never had anyone read to me before I went to sleep Miss”.  His words stuck with me, and how the widely differing needs, situations and experiences of our young people might impact on schools and their staff.  Every child should feel supported and nurtured to help them make the decisions to create their own successful pathways in life.  Frankly, I didn't enjoy my own secondary education and it was only when I started studying for my A Levels and forged positive relationships with my new teachers that I started to love school.  I thrived in the new environment and engaged with positive role models who encouraged me to aim high.  I wanted to replicate that positive experience and build relationships with students to provide all students in my class with their own relatable, inspiring and committed cheer leader!

What was your experience of training with Endeavour MAT?

It was amazing to have been trained at the school where I now work.  I knew the staff, students and the processes here and easily made the transition from training to teacher.  The Business Studies and Economics Department have been incredibly supportive as has the Senior Leadership Team.  The Deputy Head Teacher was my business support, plus the Head of Department as my mentor – quite a double-act!  Between them and other members of the department I had everything at my disposal to help, motivate and inspire me to excel.  My training with KMT provided one day a week study which worked alongside my placement here at Wilmington Grammar School for Boys and dovetailed into the meetings with my mentor who set weekly tasks based on class observations.

The Behaviour Policy across the schools at Endeavour MAT supports teachers and students – students understand what is expected of them and are keen to learn – that culture helped make it a really positive and rewarding experience and allowed me the freedom to focus on my training. 

What’s it like being a teacher at Endeavour MAT?

A1It’s been a brilliant opportunity to stretch myself professionally and use previous skills to create a rounded experience for myself and the students. 

I am a form tutor of a Year 7 class, I’ve formed a connection with every one of them, to aid their transition from primary school and all the change that creates on a personal and educational level.  You imagine you’ll be based in one classroom for pretty much all of your working week, and while there is a fair bit of that I don’t think I’d considered how much educating goes on outside of the classroom.  My ‘office’ has been the Kent countryside orienteering with Duke of Edinburgh groups, New York for a sixth form enrichment trip and the school fields for a new Year 7 Sports Programme.  It’s been rewarding seeing the students in different environments – I’d really recommend getting involved with the trips and other activities.  

There are genuinely no two days the same – and I never, ever, dread going to work.

What are your plans for the future?

I feel appreciated and supported here at Endeavour MAT and the Trust’s training programme has meant working and spending time with my counterparts at our other secondary schools.  In fact, the Head of Business Studies at Stone Lodge School had also trained here at Wilmington Grammar School for Boys.  I feel we’re very much ‘on the same page’ and it’s good to see first-hand the consistent approach and career progressions that are available across the Trust.  My experience of Endeavour MAT has been very positive and I’d recommend them to anyone considering a career in education. 

At some point in the future I’d like to travel and work abroad, the skills and qualifications I've earned here are portable and relevant and could take me pretty much anywhere in the world.  Let’s face it, it’s a brilliant occupation with loads of opportunities for progression .. and we’re always going to need teachers!