Our Vision & Values

We are committed to inspiring and nurturing the next generation.  Most educational Trusts like ours would say this - it’s the how do we do it, how we are different, that’s important.   

We are a responsive, learning organisation.  Though our core values can’t and won’t change we recognise the need to be flexible as to how we deliver.  Perspectives and context will change.  For example, go back five years and the current career opportunities offered by higher level apprenticeships simply wouldn’t have been a metric used to gauge ‘Exemplary student outcomes’. 

Our core aims as a Trust, working with and supporting our schools are:

  1. Exemplary student outcomes
  2. Outstanding teaching and learning
  3. Supportive infrastructure
  4. Inspirational environment

And of course the ‘Endeavour Mindset’, the how we do things is integral to creating an ‘Inspirational environment’.

We have mapped the areas and techniques needed to ensure we deliver on our values.   The second ring below will change on the five-year time horizon of our strategic plan and the outer ring will be reviewed and updated annually as we respond flexibly, in particular to digital change and the new opportunities it brings.  


Page Documents Date  
Endeavour MAT Strategic Development Plan 01st Jan 2018 Download