Our Vision & Values

We are committed to inspiring and nurturing the next generation.  Most educational Trusts like ours would say this - it’s the how do we do it, how we are different, that’s important.   

We are a responsive, learning organisation.  Though our core values can’t and won’t change we recognise the need to be flexible as to how we provide and promote a range of learning opportunities for our students and help them become well educated, rounded, community spirited young adults who are a global asset. Perspectives and context change.  For example, go back five years and the current career opportunities offered by higher level apprenticeships simply wouldn’t have been available. Environmental challenges are pressing and technological improvements will continue to change the manner in which people work. We need our students to be prepared for such change and to be part of the solution in ensuring our economy, our nation and our planet continues to thrive

Endeavour Trust schools are recognised for their aspirational approach to student engagement. The schools provide a nurturing environment, encourage a love of learning and are recognisable by the extensive collaboration with industry partners who help to co-design aspects of the curriculum and support the varied Careers Education, Information and Guidance work. The schools share similar values, which are summed up with a variety of different acronyms, but all are based around core ideals such as Respect, Determination, Self-Management, Equality of Opportunity, Integrity and Community.

The trust carefully monitors the latest research to ensure its curriculum provision for students is appropriate and cutting edge. Drawing from The McKinsey Global Report it is clear that education in the 21st Century needs to adjust to compensate for the fact that demand for technological, social and emotional, and higher cognitive skills will rise by 2030. Skill shifts have accompanied the introduction of new technologies in the workplace since at least the Industrial Revolution, but adoption of automation and artificial intelligence (AI) will mark an acceleration over the shifts of even the recent past. The need for skills, such as system integration, software and project development in addition to social and emotional skills, will rise, even as the demand for others, including physical and manual skills, will fall.

Our core aims as a Trust, working with and supporting our schools are: